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PolyPods Standard, the original, successful, design developed by Discovery Orthotics technicians and Kent Community Health NHS Trust (KCHFT) clinicians. The whole range of cost effective injection moulded corrective insoles have proved very successful for NHS and private prescribers. They were initially developed in response to changes in prescribing habits by clinicians at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust (KCHFT).

Discovery Orthotics worked alongside KCHFT podiatrists to develop the PolyPods Standard and PolyPods Low Heel devices. The PolyPods have allowed Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to significantly reduce the number of prescriptions for fully bespoke devices, and produced an important financial saving for the Trust.

  • Range of adult sizes from 3 to 12
  • Built in medial rear foot control of 4° or 6°
  • Grooved heel and anterior edge to reduce slippage
  • Supply to patients as they are or customised with additions and covers
  • Low cost allows stock to be held in clinics for immediate use
  • Durable injection moulded polypropylene shell
  • Ideal economic base

When shell adjustments or additions are required see custom made semi-bespoke polypropylene.

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Supply Chain code: MPC: Profile: Degrees of medial rear foot control: Size: Quantity:
ERU5575 GD/4/3-4 Standard

3-4 1 pair
ERU5574 GD/4/3-4x10 Standard

3-4 10 pairs
ERU5609 GD/4/5-6 Standard

5-6 1 pair
ERU5576 GD/4/5-6x10 Standard

5-6 10 pairs
ERU5610 GD/4/7-8 Standard

7-8 1 pair
ERU5577 GD/4/7-8x10 Standard

7-8 10 pairs
ERU5571 GD/4/9-10 Standard

9-10 1 pair
ERU5578 GD/4/9-10x10 Standard

9-10 10 pairs
ERU5573 GD/4/11-12 Standard

11-12 1 pair
ERU5572 GD/4/11-12x10 Standard

11-12 10 pairs
ERU5613 GD/6/3-4 Standard

3-4 1 pair
ERU5580 GD/6/3-4x10 Standard

3-4 10 pairs
ERU5614 GD/6/5-6 Standard

5-6 1 pair
ERU5581 GD/6/5-6x10 Standard

5-6 10 pairs
ERU5615 GD/6/7-8 Standard

7-8 1 pair
ERU5582 GD/6/7-8x10 Standard

7-8 10 pairs
ERU5611 GD/6/9-10 Standard

9-10 1 pair
ERU5583 GD/6/9-10x10 Standard

9-10 10 pairs
ERU5612 GD/6/11-12 Standard

11-12 1 pair
ERU5579 GD/6/11-12x10 Standard

11-12 10 pairs



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I would like to say an amazing thank you to the team for their attention to detail and quick advice regarding any queries and problems with our orders. I have also been most impressed with the urgency attended to orders that I have required on a quick turnaround for clinic appointments. Keep up the good work.

Senior Orthotics Officer
Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

The service I have received from you has been really great. The best from any lab I’ve worked with.

Lawrence Bevan
Private Practitioner

This has been an exemplar of partnership working, which has benefited both parties. It has been a pleasure to work with the Orthotics Team in Kent; they have been highly responsive to our requests.

Deputy Podiatric and Orthotic Services Manager
Cwm Taf University Health Board

The service is first-class. There is an outstanding team of very experienced technicians, with excellent management and administrative support. The products are good, the turn-round fast and the prices are competitive. Most importantly, they are always on hand to give advice and alter devices at short notice.

Emma Stevens-Tonks
CSH Surrey

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

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24 July 2019

Crown copyright. Discovery Orthotics is the orthotic manufacturing department of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust.